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A totally not-for-profit organisation primarily representing Painters & Decorators who already use, or who are happy to use, Eco-Friendly alternatives to the more mainstream (solvent-based) Paints & Wallpapers

We are a Free one-stop referral & information source for :

Consumers – who may wish to find a more Eco-Friendly Painter or Decorator in their locality who is happy to use Eco-Friendly Paint & Wallpaper products.

Painters, Decorators & Architects - who wish to offer the added-value service of applying & working with Eco-Friendly Solvent-Free Paint & Wallpaper options.

Manufacturers & Suppliers - who wish to publicize and offer their Eco-Friendly Paints, Wallpapers & related products to Painters, Decorators, Consumers, Contractors, Specifiers & Architects, Designers etc.

Why is the EDA needed ?

Because Commercial, Residential and Public Sector customers are all voluntarily turning to more Healthy & Eco-Friendly solvent-free paint & wallpaper alternatives driven by both current & imminent UK & EU regulations - ( EU directives from 2004 > 2010 et al ).
Public Sector bodies are particularly keen to be seen to be improving their EU & UK “green credentials” & reducing their carbon footprint & you may have noticed this already.
The EU 2004/2007 paint directives altered the types of paints & thinners that you can buy today - but you may have seen little change in the actual products so far - as up to now, the manufacturers have been able to successfully reformulate their products within the terms of the directives.
However, the coming EU 2010 Paint Regulations will be very much more restrictive and will Effectively Outlaw most traditional paints & thinners as we know them today.
Did you know, for example, that after January 1st 2010, that the traditional and non-drip solvent-based alkyd Gloss Paints that you have used for decades can no longer be sold ? – as they will be banned.
That is less than 18 months away. Like it or not, Solvents are history !

EDA Definitions
who can apply for membership ?
We welcome applications for membership from Painters & Decorators who use, or who are happy & willing to use Eco-Friendly Paint & Wallpaper products.

We also welcome Manufacturers & Suppliers of such products.

Our definitions of Eco-Friendly include (but are not restricted to)

• comprehensively reduced Solvent/VOC levels over the mainstream brands.
• non-toxicity
• comparative sustainability
• recycled/recyclable materials & packaging
• freedom from harmful chemicals; notably benzene, formaldehyde, APEOs
• freedom from polyvinyl chloride & phthalates
• freedom from heavy metals – must be EN71 compliant
Why use an EDA Member ? 
As many household & industrial products are becoming more & more Eco-Friendly, many customers, architects, painters and decorators are trying the Eco-Friendly options, but some remain understandably resistant to change, often believing - erroneously - that these are inherently inferior or more difficult to use.
Painters, Decorators and Consumers can sometimes be reluctant to make changes, preferring to use the brands they know and love – and this is perfectly understandable, but, as you have probably noticed already, some changes in available Paints & Wallpapers have already happened, as many of the traditional ingredients used in the past are now classified & recognized as hazardous to health and many more changes are due to take effect in 2010.
Once tried, the great majority of Customers and Decorators are convinced of the quality & user-friendliness of the modern Eco-Options as they are so much more pleasant to use & live with.
Thousands of painters, decorators, local authorities, utilities, schools, hospitals, & individuals all now insist on using Eco-Friendly Solvent-Free Odour-free or Low Odour Paints and Wallpaper products.
EDA Members are committed to use & promote Eco-Friendly Paint & Wallpaper options where this is in accord with the customer’s wishes.
* As a Painter or Decorator, you ideally need to plan ahead & prepare sensibly for these unavoidable changes to your working practices – the option of telling your customers that you cannot or will not work with low-solvent paints & other products will no longer be possible as, after 2010, the traditional solvent-based products will no longer be available.
This is now

This is the Future

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