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Painters, Decorators and Consumers can sometimes be reluctant to make changes, preferring to use the brands they know and love.

This is perfectly understandable, but, as you have probably noticed already, some changes in available Paints & Wallpapers are already here, as many of the traditional ingredients used in the past are now classified & recognized as hazardous to human health & the environment - and many more changes are in the pipeline due to worldwide environmental pressures & UK and EU Legislation.

2010 EU Paint solvent Regulations: these EU- ratified changes started in earnest from 2004 & the next big changes due are in the permitted Paint VOC (solvent) levels & are due to take effect in 2010 in the UK & EU.

These 2010 regulations will effectively ban many types of paints, varnishes, stains and most thinners currently sold nationwide in DIY outlets, trade shops, garden centres, etc. Wallpaper manufacture will be similarly affected.

Traditional “Gloss paint”, as you now know it, will, for all practical purposes, be outlawed and will no longer exist ! As a Painter or Decorator, you ideally need to plan ahead & prepare sensibly for these unavoidable changes to your working practices – the option of telling your customers that you cannot or will not work with solvent-free paints & other products will no longer be possible.
EDA Member Benefits: What is in it for me ?

As an EDA member, & by offering Eco-friendly options now :

* You can be ahead of the game by offering Solvent-Free Odour-Free alternatives

* You can offer your customers the healthy choices they want now

* You can sell your services at a premium: No "down-time" in schools, hospitals, etc

* You are telling potential customers of your Eco-Friendly options with the EDA logo

* You gain Public & Private sector kudos by using cutting-edge "Green Technology"

* You can win tenders that Public & Private UK & EU contracts are demanding now

* You can still offer current traditional paints & papers - EDA is an add-on option

* You can freely use the supplied EDA logo on letters, adverts, quotations, livery, etc

* You can protect your health with VOC-free Solvent-Free Non-Toxic products

* You can offer Odour-Free options to Hospitals, restaurants, public buildings etc

* You will have the edge over your non-registered competitors
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